About us

Dorilli tomato farm company, run by Guido Grasso, has been producing high taste tomatoes since 1999 and has been specializing in KAMARINO cherry tomatoes since 2010.

In our 8-hectares fields, cultivated over winter, thanks to the use of technology we avoid any kind of insecticides and maximize the natural effect on the organoleptic properties of the tomatoes.

The extensive use of natural enemies and the low use of phytosanitary products are the trademarks of our production.

Moreover, the use of active technologies ensures continuity of supply in terms of quantity and quality for 9 months a year.

In 2014 we introduced a small production of cluster KAPPARINO datterino tomatoes, whose color and taste are really attractive.

Along with Dorilli, we rely on fourteen GLOBAL GAP certified tomato farms for the production of other kinds of tomatoes to offer to those customers demanding a wider range of supply.

Dorilli has an accurate traceability system and it is possible to control the product from the hothouse to the crate.

Germany, England, Switzerland and Italy are our target markets.